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08 Jun Mailing Middle Donor WWF

Client: WWF Poland – protects Earth’s climate. From the preindustrial era, the temperature on Earth increased 0,85ºC. In spite of appearances, it’s a dangerous, global warming. If we want to avoid dangerous changes, we need to stop groth of average blobal temperature below 1,5ºC versus...

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23 Feb Mailing with an angel

Client:  SOS Wioski Dziecięce Association helps abandoned children, orphanes and those at stake of loosing parental care. Within their activity, among other things, there were founded  Family Houses of Temporary Stay, created specially for children, that for different reasons couldn’t stay with their families, which they left...

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21 Feb Letter to Santa Claus

Client: Dzieci Niczyje Foundation exists to provide every child safe childhood. It protects children from abuse and help those, who experienced violence. They teach adults to treat children in a no abusive way They show adults how to react, when they suspect child abuse They teach children how...

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04 Jan WWF selfmailer

Client – WWF Poland in the last decade Foundation succeed in contributing to saving big mammals in Poland. For society they are beautiful and charismatic animals. For WWF they have additional value, by saving them we are also saving their precious natural habitat. Forest without lynx, mountains...

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11 Dec Personalized books

Client – SOS Wioski Dziecięce Society   – first SOS Children Village was founded in 1949 in Austria by Hermann Gmeiner for children orphaned during the World War II. According to the founder’s idea, care given in the villages is familiar. Work area – web app with full programming...

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07 Dec SKO saving plate

Client – PKO Bank Polski  for nearly one hundred years has been consistently building its credibility, ensuring the safety of entrusted funds and financing the needs of the next generations of Polish families and companies. Work area – concept, creation, production. Objective – creating a tool, that will support children in...

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23 Nov Save Carpathian Mountains – for WWF

Client – WWF Organisation  participated in founding of 270 national parks around the world. It contributed to saving species such as amur tiger, great panda or orangutan. Work area – creation, production and lettershop of mailing in a limited edition. Objective – fundraising for saving Carpathian Forest, distinction of constant donors, supporting...

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23 Oct Insert for magazine

Client – SOS Wioski Dziecięce are estates of 12 –14 homes. In every home lives SOS Family, which are SOS Parents (marriage or a single person) and 6-8 children, to whom they are committed to take care of and whose biological parents couldn’t take care of. Most often...

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22 Oct Mailing “Save the tigers”

Client – WWF Poland-  “We shan't save all we should like to, but we shall save a great deal more than if we had never tried.” Sir Peter Scott, 1909 – 1989, WWF Founder. Work area – creation, copywriting, production, lettershop. Objective – fundraising for saving tigers from extinction. What is worth...

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22 Oct Mailing “Planet Earth”

Client – WWF is one of the biggest organizations on the world that acts in favor of natural environment preservation. Work area – creation, prodution, lettershop. Objective – creating loyal fans from the WWF Club, supporting constant relations, education. What is worth attention in terms of this mailing – produced on ecological papers, therefore it...

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