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08 Jun NCP_WIDE.NET brochure

Client: National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the European Union. Work area: Concept, creation, production. Objective: In that case – to inform and communicate a positive image. Material was used in conferences. What is worth attention in terms of this project: Noble look plays a...

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05 Nov Rossmann wrapping paper

Client – Rossmann   – one of the most popular drugstore chains in Europe. In 1993 first Rossmann drugstore was opened in Poland, now there are over 1000 of them. Every year it widens its offer, including its own high quality products in competitive prices. Rossmann company...

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02 Oct POS Materials Playstation

Client –Sony Computer Entertainment Europe – System Playstation 4 is dedicated to players that want to experience amazing adventures in unknown worlds and that want to be part of great community. Work area – graphic design, POS materials production Objective –  promotion of games for PS4. What is worth attention in...

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02 Oct 3D Aquarium Möller’s

Klient – Orkla Health PLC – Möller’s Cod Liver Oil – For generations a proven way to keep good health.Lofoty (norw. Lofoten) is a beautiful archipelago on the Norwegian Sea. It is characterized by clean, arctic waters and unpolluted natural environment. It is a place to...

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02 Oct Multimedia Welcome Pack

Client –Multimedia Poland Group – Internet, TV, Energy – Change electricity seller to Multimedia Polish Energy and get a set of 6 light bulbs LED 6W – the slogan speaks and works – no wonder why.:-) Work area – concept, production, distribution. Objective –  start of the impact selling actions...

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02 Oct Rebranding FOMAR

Client: Fomar Friction is one of the most recognizable brands offering parts for car breaks in Central and Eastern Europe. Fomar Friction products are available in over thirty countries in three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa. Fomar Friction brand exists since 2004, although it has...

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10 Jun Rebranding Szczyrk

Client: Town Szczyrk – “Power of energy all year long” – every enthusiast of active, but also revel way of spending free time will find something interesting in Szczyrk. Work area – rebranding, substantive and graphic elaboration of the summer promotional campaign “Turn on to activity”. Objective – encourage tourists...

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Client – CANCA – creates and produces ingeniously simple and smart toys, that not only develop intellectual and manual abilities of your child, but also they influence his/her esthetic sense. Work area – web page with full programming to create personalized books. Technical elaboration of all books, production on demand...

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