Direct Channel | Christmas mailing with a gift
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Christmas mailing with a gift

About This Project

Client – Colian LLC   operates within the following three business divisions: confectionery, culinary products (seasoning products, nuts and dried fruit) and beverages. Its portfolio consists of well-known and popular brands. These include Goplana, Solidarność, Jutrzenka, Grześki, Familijne, Jeżyki, Akuku!, Appetita, Siesta and Hellena. These brands have been constantly strengthening their market position successfully gaining high rankings in their respective product categories. Colian consistently pursues a strategy of expansion into foreign markets.

Work area – concept, creation, production and distribution of postal mailing.

Objective – reaching management of companies with an offer of holiday gifts preparation.

What is worth attention in terms of this project – mailing in a form of fancy mailing box. The way it’s created allows to deliver the content, which in that case is a chocolate bar, without any damage. A box drives more attention of recipient, then an envelope, therefore it increases chances for opening the mail.


Ziołopex sp. z o.o.


november 2015

Direct Marketing