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Direct Mailing B2B – “Laptop”

About This Project

Client – INC – “From 1997 creates services, which help entrepreneurs use potential of internet and develop business”.
Objective – reserved data.

Work area– Creation, mailing production, distribution.

What is worth attention in terms of this mailing - – two, rarely seen in Poland, thechniques of packaging the mailing. First is a selfmailer – “envelope” and letter in one. It’s worth to test, if that kind of communication works, because it may influence profitability of the project. Second, a bubble envelope – right after receiving the recipient opens it and sees what’s inside. In that case laptop is made of cardboard and it is real size. Posticks are real and can be sticked in with other notes.

Testing different tools on one base at the same time is also worth to emphasize – we recommend that.

Attention: it is worth to produce bubble envelopes in format close to A4, if inserts allow us to do it. Couple dozens less in envelope format vs stock standard helps to reduce costs for the postal fee, because we stay in the A dimension. B-)


NetArt INC


June 2013

Direct Marketing