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About This Project

Client: JiM Foundation – creates a better world for children with autism in Poland.

Work area – direct mailing (traditional postal mailing) – preproduction, production of envelopes, letters, leaflets and a gadget, which is a cardboard picture frame. Personalization, confection, distribution.

Objective – fundraising – individual donors. Correspondence with patrons – building relations, sharing information about current activities of the foundation, getting funds on realization the statutory objectives of the foundation.

What is worth attention in terms of efficiency of this mailing – C5 envelope outstands from other envelopes mostly found in the mailboxes, such as bills in the DL envelopes. It’s got big surface to print on and affordable price at the same time, because it’s produced with the reprint technology on an already made envelope. Thus we get a big surface to print fundraising content on. It should be emphasized, that it’s worth to use the reverse side of the envelope too, because 75% of the recipients look what is on the other side – it’s an unconditioned reflex. Interesting content on the reverse can lead to quick opening of the letter. Moreover, ample content of the envelope, which in that case is a frame and a 3D card, is an additional incentive to open the envelope by a recipient and also a positive answer to the letter – reciprocity rule.


Jaś i Małgosia Foundation (JiM)


September 2014

Direct Fundraising