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Dzieci Niczyje Foundation


December 2013

Direct Fundraising
About This Project

Client: Dzieci Niczyje Foundation – it exists to provide every child a safe childhood. They protect children from abuse and they help the ones, that experienced violence.

Work area  – direct mailing (traditional postal mailing) – graphic creation and preproduction, production of the fundraising gift – button for good luck.

Objective  – fundraising – individual donors. Correspondence with patrons – building relations, sharing information about current activities of the foundation, getting funds on realization the statutory objectives of the foundation.

What is worth attention in terms of efficiency of this mailing  – mailing in the C4 envelope can shorten time between getting the mail and opening it. The format gives us big surface to communicate content from the level of envelope. It’s worth doing. Unfortunantaly the C4 envelope is hard to distribute and if we want to use it, we should make all the inserts in the same format so the whole package is stiff enough and it’s easier to distribute it undamaged (if the content is too soft, distributors often break mail in half).