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Kinder 3D Coloring Models

About This Project

Client – Laboratorium Komunikacji Agency – kids marketing in theory and practice.

Work area –  designing four 3D models (2 new, 2 archived – refreshed), size M (folded format around 20 – 35 cm length), graphic elaboration and production.

Objective – a gift for events, advertising gadget, given away during the event in couple of cities in Poland.

What is worth attention in terms of this project- we digged out a dinosaur in our archives :-). Project, that so far was only in XXL size and needed a lot of additional measures to set it up on its feet (tape, nogs, etc.;)) finally lived to see it’s new version in M size and on this occasion we perfected it and it folds very well. Dinosaur is currently our favorite model and we are very proud of it. It consists of two parts, it needs more source but it’s imposing and universal – for boys and girls. We wonder how it would look like if it was S size? We think that in 10 000 volume it would be worth to try. 


Laboratorium Komunikacji


August 2015

3D Coloring Models