Direct Channel | Letter to Santa Claus
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Letter to Santa Claus

About This Project

Client: Dzieci Niczyje Foundation exists to provide every child safe childhood. It protects children from abuse and help those, who experienced violence.

  • They teach adults to treat children in a no abusive way
  • They show adults how to react, when they suspect child abuse
  • They teach children how they can protect themselves from abuse and violence
  • They provide abused children and their caregivers with psychological and legal help
  • They influence polish law so it protects child interest the best it could

Work area: production service of “Letter from Santa Claus” campaign

Objective: Fundraising

What is worth attention in terms of this project – : mailing production was being held “on demand” which means that system was taking orders for letters in different layouts and with different content, deeply personalized and our task was to produced fully personalized envelopes and letters within 3 days, from getting data bases and passing them to distribution. The letters had tracking codes, so we could let the recipients know about the coming mail, which had to be delivered in two, different for distribution dates – before December 6th (it’s when Santa comes in Poland) and December 23rd. All that to make childrenthink, that they’ve received a letter from Santa Claus. Thanks to parents, that wrote their childrens present wishes in the system, the presents were mentioned in the letters and most likelygiven to the children the same day. Mission accomplished, Santa! :)


Dzieci Niczyje Foundation


december 2015

Direct Fundraising