Direct Channel | Mailing “Nathan Drake’s Passport”
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Mailing “Nathan Drake’s Passport”

About This Project

Client: PS4 – Play Station VR SONY – above all, that we reccomend.

Work area: Concept, creation, production.

Objective: Event and invitation for it.

What is worth attention in terms of this project: Essence of Direct Mailing. Mix of strong media, such as:
– elegant envelope, which always helps to learn the message faster, provokes recipient to open the mail quickly
– Passport and conscious use of its positive PR – an object, that creates positive associations
– Ticket, which always means something exciting and desirable. A ticket, called “journey”, works very well.
Such a mixture always makes a good impact on recipients. Although, maybe sometimes the product is so good that all the other stuff is not important ;-).


PlayStation Poland


May 2016

Direct Marketing