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Mailing with an angel

About This Project

Client:  SOS Wioski Dziecięce Association helps abandoned children, orphanes and those at stake of loosing parental care. Within their activity, among other things, there were founded  Family Houses of Temporary Stay, created specially for children, that for different reasons couldn’t stay with their families, which they left in an intervention procedure. Houses are a safe shelter during anticipation for decision of court about children’s fate.

They diagnose child’s situation to help the court decide best about his/her further care. Children stay in the houses up to 3 months. The court can prolong the stay until his/her comeback to the family or until he/she will be put in other childcare institution. They run 3 Family Houses of Temporary Stay: “PUCHATEK” and “PUCHATEK II” in Biłgoraj and “SINDBAD” in Ustroń.

Work area: Concept, creation, production.

Cel działań: Fundraising Middle Donor

What is worth attention in terms of this project: practically everything is custom in this project. In our opinion, and fortunately in our Client’s opinion as well :), mailing directed to the most important donors should be outstanding in form, creation and content. Supposedly obvious and still rarely seen.


SOS Wioski Dziecięce


February 2016

Direct Fundraising