Direct Channel | Mailing with personalized map
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Mailing with personalized map

About This Project

Client – Ogród Urody Beauty Salon in Bielsko – Biała  offers complex cosmetic service, massages and aesthetic treatments.

Work area – concept, creation and production of postal mailing with personalized map and a coupon.

Objective – promotion of salon among potential clients in Bielsko – Biała.

What is worth attention in terms of this project – on the obverse there is a personalized letter and on the reverse there is a personalized map with a route from recipient’s home to the salon, with route’s length and number of calories burnt after walking it.Thanks to this measure, recipient – a women that cares for her health and beauty could feel that this is offer specially for her. There was a gift waiting for first 40 clients – a trendy and functional tank top – bag ideal for the fitness classes.


Ogród Urody


November 2015

Direct Marketing