Direct Channel | 3D Model – Bolid Toyota Kids
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3D Model – Bolid Toyota Kids

About This Project

Client: Toyota Motor Poland – Club Toyota Kids – one of the most vigorously operant Club for the youngest ones on the automotive market in Poland.

Work area  – creation and production of 3D model, based on the real Toyota bolid that can be seen on the racetrack.

Objective – Premium gadget, PR – reference to eco strategy

What is worth attention in terms of efficiency of this product – despite of complicated shapes, we managed to design a model from one piece of cardboard (excluding spoilers) without aneed to use glue or tapes, etc. Even though the model is not easy to fold, it makes a good impression. In general, we suggest more simple shapes, but the more complex
ones also has its adventages – they fit the 7+ target.


Toyota Motor Poland Ltd. PLC


May 2014

3D Coloring Models, Direct Marketing