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SKO saving plate

About This Project

Client – PKO Bank Polski  for nearly one hundred years has been consistently building its credibility, ensuring the safety of entrusted funds and financing the needs of the next generations of Polish families and companies.

Work area – concept, creation, production.

Objective – creating a tool, that will support children in systematic and long – lasting money saving in Szkolna Kasa Oszczędności (money saving program in schools) of PKO Bank Polski.

What is worth attention in terms of this project – kids love to collect. Kards, stickers, coins…We decided to take advantage of this fact and turn money saving in to great fun! Together with Canca company we created for PKO the Saving Plate – a piece of cardboard in A4 format with holes for coins. That simple tool motivates children to collect all the pocket change lying around the house. Kids will do everything to fill the plate as soon as possible. And a fill plate equals 50 PLN. A penny saved is a penny earned…then all you need to do is to put money in the bank and start over! :)


Pekao Bank Polski


december 2015

Direct Fundraising, Direct Marketing