Direct Channel | Fundraising Mailing with a button for good luck
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Fundraising Mailing with a button for good luck

About This Project

Client: SOS Wioski Dziecięce Foundation – takes care of abandoned children, orphans and children from the disfunctional families. It belongs to the international association SOS Kinderdorf International – that world charity organization works in 133 countries!

Work area – direct mailing (traditional postal mailing) – graphic creation and preproduction, production of the fundraising gift – button for good luck.

Objective – fundraising – individual donors. Correspondence with patrons – building relations, sharing information about current activities of the foundation, getting funds on realization the statutory objectives of the foundation.

What is worth attention in terms of efficiency of this mailing – the gift is strictly related with a story of an amazing girl, written in the letter. 100% warm and and suprising freemium – it can be easily remembered. As far as we know that’s exactly what happened and a s a consequence a lot of good has happened :-)


SOS Wioski Dziecięce


August 2014

Direct Fundraising