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Mailing “Good Client Club”

About This Project

Client – Profi Credit Poland – In 2014 they joined the circle of UNICEF’s main partners again.

Work area – graphic and substantial elaboration and production of postal mailing – envelope, letter, lettershop.

Objective –  direct, mass sale of loans. Building an image of a modern company.

What is worth attention in terms of efficiency of this mailing – we used a custom, rarely applied form of a window on the obserse of envelope and a printing inside of it (sheet printing, 4/4). That procedure needs a biggest investment in envelope, but it makes it easier to draw attention to the content. Apart from that, thanks to a big window, layout of the letter is a main content of the mail.

When sending constantly big amounts of mail, universal type of envelope can optimize mailing costs. We draw attention to the inside printing of the envelope. After taking out the letter, another information appears on the window. In this case it’s a “call to action”. Another detail that influence response.



Profi Credit Inc


April 2015

Direct Marketing