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Mailing Middle Donor WWF

About This Project

Client: WWF Poland – protects Earth’s climate. From the preindustrial era, the temperature on Earth increased 0,85ºC. In spite of appearances, it’s a dangerous, global warming. If we want to avoid dangerous changes, we need to stop groth of average blobal temperature below 1,5ºC versus it’s level from beginning of 19th century.

Work area: Concept, creation, production.

Objective: Show appreciation to donors, that angage a lot in WWF activities.

What is worth attention in terms of this project: This mailing was produced 95% manually, with handcrafted techniques. A volume was to small to use advanced tools (which are dedicated to big volume productions). We hope that recipients appreciated that. Gifts, in that case a notebook and a pen, created with minimalist design and noble materials, gain an outstanding value. Mailing looks simple, but it was very hard to create. All on eco materials, which didn’t make it easier – not all of them were easy to process :-)


WWF Poland


April 2016

Direct Fundraising