Direct Channel | Mailing “Save the tigers”
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Mailing “Save the tigers”

About This Project

Client – WWF Poland-  “We shan’t save all we should like to, but we shall save a great deal more than if we had never tried.” Sir Peter Scott, 1909 – 1989, WWF Founder.

Work area – creation, copywriting, production, lettershop.

Objective – fundraising for saving tigers from extinction.

What is worth attention in terms of this mailing: – 

  • Classic mailing – despite that it was sent in standard envelope, it needed special measures to raise its efficiency. Envelope must be treated like a package for a message, which is supposed to make the recipient open the mail, in every case. Otherwise, the whole message will not be read. In this case we used:
  • big, legible overprint of the envelope, including an important message on the reverse side of it
  • Slogans that provoke to open correspondence – on the obverse – verifying emotions of recipients towards animals, on reverse – information about a gift inside the envelope (recipients look on the reverse side automatically – unconditioned reflex).
  • Custom mailing (test): – It was sent to a group of recipients, which activeness or quality of address data were not verified by the sender. This group has got similarly constructed mail, but in an envelope, that they have not seen before. It was an ecological envelope, which is approximate to a bubble envelope and those types of envelopes are used to be open very frequently. Envelope itself, after proper overprinting, looks very interesting and many recipients keep it (it could be used as a bag for important documents, letters etc.)

WWF Poland Foundation


October 2015

Direct Fundraising