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Multimedia Welcome Pack

About This Project

Client –Multimedia Poland Group – Internet, TV, Energy – Change electricity seller to Multimedia Polish Energy and get a set of 6 light bulbs LED 6W – the slogan speaks and works – no wonder why.:-)

Work area – concept, production, distribution.

Objective –  start of the impact selling actions of the energetic service.

What is worth attention in terms of efficiency of this product – If we think about making a good impression on the recipient/client and compel attention to ones offer, this is a right way. This is how a Welcome Pack is supposed to look like in our opinion – pertinent and without compromise. Apart from that, we like the idea of eco education – better light bulbs – lower energy absorption – lower bills – in general,  this is a type of eco thinking that we like and wiilingly implement in every company’s marketing strategy.  


Multimedia Poland Inc


September 2015

Direct Marketing, Other