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Selfmailer Profi Credit

About This Project

Client: Profi Credit Poland Inc is one of the biggest loaning companies in Poland. Recently they became sponsors of volleyball female team from Bielsko – Biała – one of the most award – winning first league teams in Poland. Starting from January 2016 the team performs in every game (including Orlen League) under official name BKS ALUPROF PROFI CREDIT Bielsko – Biała..

Work area: Concept, creation, production.

Objective: : Mass, direct sale of loans.

What is worth attention in terms of this project – this time we will pay attention to content, which is a consequence of a cross- shaped mailing. We decided to implement permanently the Cash Emergency leitmotif . Recipients no longer have to wonder what is the offer about, because we presented Profi Credit service in a help context, reanimation in finantial situations. Thanks to it, the message is clear and easy to understand. Recipients received a small gift, but very useful in many life situations – list of the most important emergency numbers. In difficult situations most of us have problem with remembering the most obvious numbers.


Profi Credit Poland S.A.


january 2016

Direct Marketing