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Selfmailer C5

About This Project

Client: Profi Credit actively engages in social activities concentrated on helping children. International program Children’s Smile with Profi Credit is a spectrum of charitable activities which are aimed at supporting children in need in every country, where they operate.

Work area – concept, creation, production.

Objective –loans sale as part of Good Client Club. Building an image of modern and honest company.

What is worth attention in terms of this mailing – Selfmailer is nothing but a properly designed paper sheet, which is an envelope, letter and a leaflet at the same time. In this case an open A3 format (with a flap) was folded to closed A5 format and in this form it was sent to post office. That tricky measure increases surface dedicated for a marketing message, making it more noticeable and legible. If we add to the message valuable benefits, that the recipient will receive in return to using the offer, mailing will be even more efficient. Moreover, selfmailer is easier to manage in terms of production process, because we produce only one element, not couple of them, that we have to coordinate in time, match everything colorwise and take a good care of correctness in confection.


Profi Credit Poland Inc


October 2015

Direct Marketing