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WWF selfmailer

About This Project

Client – WWF Poland in the last decade Foundation succeed in contributing to saving big mammals in Poland. For society they are beautiful and charismatic animals. For WWF they have additional value, by saving them we are also saving their precious natural habitat. Forest without lynx, mountains without bear, Baltic sea without seal, would not be the same places, which are still now.

Work area – concept, creation, production, lettershop.

Objective – creating loyal donors, supporting constant relations, education, fundraising for saving wolfs in Poland.

What is worth attention in terms of this mailing – the mailing is in a form of selfmailer which is a paper sheet, that after folding is also its own package. That measure increases surface dedicated for the marketing message, which makes it more visible and readable. That kind of mailing is easier to produce, because we produce only one, not couple of elements. Selfmailer in this mailing is also a calendar for the upcoming year, which was possible to do thanks to a lot of available surface. Thus on one paper sheet we were able to fit a letter, payment order, folder with basic informations about the action and a gadget – calendar.


WWF Poland


december 2015

Direct Fundraising